Egypt, Morocco, India, Brazil and Malawi added to ‘safe’ countries list

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One thought on “Egypt, Morocco, India, Brazil and Malawi added to ‘safe’ countries list

  1. Crap SCAM by Gombeen TD,s in Lienster house. Since about 2023 the USA declared all counties outside the USA as unsafe. The USA tells the EU what are safe counties . It defines that Ireland is not on the safe county as it declared war on Russia in 2023 sending Irish solders to train the Ukraine army inside the war zone . For sure Ireland is a awful place with woke crap and abortion after birth and anti human British legal system that jail victims who refuse to use pronouns woke demand from us not woke folk. Yes not saying something gets you jailed as the 1920 British Dominion Ireland has to use anti human British law and British legal appointed legal system of the BAR(British Accredited Register).
    Poland TV advert advise do not as a family with children live and work in Ireland because state health systems of HSE and Tusla kidnap children from families. This is to make money in the adoption trade Also it allows Tusla adopted children to be used to test out new drugs the multi national phamaceutical Industry in Ireland need as cheap lab rats. Tourists in Ireland are attacked and if not killed are severely injured often by economic migrant from inside the EU and further afield and sometimes dangerous Irish criminals. Innocent Irish are jailed for all sorts of bogus reasons buy corrupt Garda ( Police ) and with the blessing of the Lord lieutenant of Ireland passing off as the Chief of the Garda. .In 1948 Eire signed up to United Nations Charter which effectively made the United nations the new government of Ireland if the U.N. declared any world emergency. That Clause in the U.N. Charter ( first chapter ) did not have be publicly said but for sure kicked in from either !963 Cuba crisis up to the
    bio weapon Covid 19 pandemic crisis in 2020. The 2001 United Nations population replacement Agenda that USA and most of the EU counties signed up to 2011 era means Ireland agreed to import it quota of 15,000,000 million non EU peoples no matter they were legal or illegal refugees. . The UN. agenda forcing all EU countries to import 1,500,000,000 billion non EU peoples some 3 times more than 500,000,000 million EU peoples is to destroy nation hoods and make a divided and diverse mass of controlled REPLACEMENT slaves to wreck Europe’s wealth and nation hoods and cultural identity and if needed create civil wars against the invaders from outside the EU..So long as us Irish let the Judis goats gombeen TD’s of Ff,FG,Gr,Lab,SF ,SD,PBP, rule Eire as gombeen agents of the UN and British Crown anti human plans to reduce earths human population with wars and civil wars and bio weapon pandemic event and extermination population planned REPLACEMENT events then there will not be a Irish owned Ireland with any native Irish alive living there after the REPLCEMENT event. SAFE country SCAM

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