Are The U.V.F training Ukrainians to make I.E.Ds?

(improvised explovise device)

4 thoughts on “Are The U.V.F training Ukrainians to make I.E.Ds?

  1. Are you serious?
    “He has a Northern Irish accent so he’s British”.
    Do you have any concept of Northern Ireland whatsoever?
    How do you know they aren’t from the IRA or do you think the IRA all speak the Irish language?

    How do you know he’s not from the British Army bomb squad but just happens to be from Northern Ireland?

    Stop trying to do a Northern Irish accent it’s terrible and embarrassing and so is your knowledge of Northern Ireland…….ya clown!

    County Down

    1. Gary, you ask some very good questions R.E Richard Medhurst,s video, but as i am not him i cannot answer them, But your points are valid and i am delighted to put them up for all to see. Many thanks for commenting, The Rayater.

      1. My apologies to you in that case. My comments were meant to be to the narrator. It’s so annoying when people who clearly have no idea of what they are talking about make these blogs. Haveca good day👍

        1. Gary, Yeah i knew that, and i understand your frustration, you made some very good points and i was very happy to publish them, enjoy the bit of sun while we have it, and tnx for commenting.

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