The Rayater

U.K Stopping Covid Primary Vaccinations.

Justice for Irish People, ill, Disabled or Killed by Covid Injections. Justice for People made ill, disabledor killed by the covid19 vaccinesHave you or any of our loved ones suffered any injuries ordisabilities or deaths from the covid19 vaccines ? if yes, then youwill be entitled to financial compensation in the courts and tobring criminal…

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(1) Gino Kenny wants you Taken Out Of Society if you Fear for your Safety, and that of your Family.

(2) A Pack of Hyenas. (3) T.V Poll Is Multiculturalism Working? This is the result of multiculturalism in Ireland, like a pack of Hyenas on an injured animal. Link Below. Is Multiculturalism Working? 5% Yes 95% No. Click link Below.

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