I need you all to market our press release in every newspaper in ireland britain and on their facebook sites, twitter sites etc. Market this as the press release.




Our Response to insulting news article today in legal news

Dear Killian,

I refer to a news article written by you titled
High Court: State may immediately enforce costs order against litigants who claimed Covid vaccine was Bill Gates’ plan to depopulate Earth.

You have misrepresented this court case which is still sub judice and being appealed to the Supreme Court. The court case was based on the deprivation of Informed Consent for parents and guardians where important information in the possession of the HPRA and EMA and FDA and government bodies was not supplied to parents and guardians. And also not supplied to vaccine recipients. The court case was not about Bill Gates as falsely alleged by yourself in that article.

I am asking you to remove that false and misleading news article which misrepresents the court case. I am also asking you to publish our Press Release about this at
in the interests of fair, impartial, independent and honest reporting of the news. Failure of you to do so by the end of this week, Friday 21st July, 2023, will result in you as a person being joined to legal proceedings in our appeal to the Supreme Court and a complaint being made to the Bar Council and the Pres Council of Ireland and the joining of you to legal proceedings in the criminal courts regarding attacks by members of the public on litigants in this court case as a result of defamation and incitements to hatred and violence in some press and media reports.

Is the position clear to you ?

David Egan Dip. MSc. (Oxon)

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