Mc Entee, Tip Toeing Ireland, into a Police State.

You only need to look into recent history to know this never ends well, And who Exactly are the Far Right she speaks off? Maybe she should take a look in the mirror.

Helen McEntee: “… For example in the case of a person travelling to a rally, to a far-right rally, perhaps with posters expressly inciting hatred or violence…” “…A lot of this is now online so we need to update our legislation that includes online communication…” A Government and so-called opposition who have labelled the ordinary people of the communities of Ireland “far-right”, “racist”, “extremist” and “militant” now intend to target those very people with legislation criminalising their God given, Natural and fundamental rights and freedoms enshrined in our Constitution that established the Sovereign People’s Republic of Éire. DO NOT BE SILENCED! UNITE AND MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD LOUD AND CLEAR!

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