We Will, NEVER Forget our Frontline HERO,S.

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3 thoughts on “We Will, NEVER Forget our Frontline HERO,S.

  1. They must be so proud of themselves now, knowing that the country is laughing at them and we have made a judgment call on them, as the people of Éire. How dare they dance while the country bleeds? Politicians should be held accountable. One can only pray this happens at the next elections, but having said that, it seems all parties are cut from the same cloth. This must never be allowed to happen again! EVER! Unfortunately, too, let’s not forget that Brussels holds the sceptre. Whilst Ireland has a Constitution of its own, we need to use it to bring down these corrupt bullies and non-elected leaders.

  2. Back to the times of Cromwell in Ireland.
    Drew Harris infected Garda Síochána with the attitudes and ways of a Police Force! We each in Ireland are a Sovereign people, equal to any king or queen, yet the filth we have operating at present would bow on the street to a foreign Queen but beat an elderly Irish Sovereign with a truncheon. Harris has to go and Ireland needs a Garda service of peace keepers, new Irish individuals who know their place.

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