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They’ve started a war, and now WE will finish it.

This is a video message to the establishment from We, the Irish People… The establishment mask slipped right off on February the 5th 2024 to reveal the beast beneath. Gardaí entrapped innocent civilians in order to smear the Irish people, both nationally and internationally, by creating negative headlines. They didn’t care who saw or filmed them; a sign that what they did that day is only the beginning of what they will bring down upon us.

A shot across the bow of the Irish people deserves one back, and in this crucial 3min video (addressed to the government, media, NGO’s and opposition parties), we highlight the TRUTH of those illegal arrests. We also present the clear and unwavering intent of the Irish people, who WILL bring down a revolution upon the heads of our enemy establishment.

They want us to fear them. But in reality they fear us, and… SO THEY SHOULD.

This video serves to capture a historical and momentous turning point in Ireland’s ongoing story, and is also a massive, heartfelt tribute to the triumphant, unbreakable spirit of the Irish people, especially those who stood up on Febrauary 5th and reminded the criminal establishment who this country belongs to.


We thank you, we love you all, we are proud to stand with you, and be your brethren.

We WILL win.

‘Like’ and ‘Share’ this message, and tag as many of our enemies as you can think of in the political, policing, media, NGO and far left realm.

Share to Inspire other countries, and show them the people of Ireland WILL NOT lay down quietly.

Éireann go Brách.

ShoulderToShoulder #ThisIsWar

Video written and produced by Stephen Kerr & Suzie D, but only made possible through the actions and bravery of those in the footage.

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