Cheeky BARSTOOL !!!! Rees Mogg interview with Imam. And Definition of Taqiyya, Honour Beating below.


In Islam, Taqiyya is a precautionary dissimulation or denial of religious belief and practice. Generally, taqiyya is the action of committing a sinful act for a pious goal. Hiding one’s beliefs has been a feature of Islam since its earliest days, and is acknowledged by Muslims of virtually all persuasions. However, the use of taqiyya varies, especially between Sunni and Shia Muslims. Sunni Muslims gained political supremacy over time and therefore only occasionally found the need to practice taqiyya. On the other hand, the minority Shia communities developed taqiyya as an instinctive method of self-preservation and protection in hostile environments. A related term is kitmān, which has a more specific meaning of dissimulation by silence or omission. This practice is emphasized in Shi’ism whereby adherents are permitted to conceal their religion when under threat of persecution or compulsion. Taqiyya was initially practiced under duress by some of Muhammad’s companions.

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