No Nursing Home For You, Fakeugee Centre For Them. Can You Judge A Country By The Way It Treats Its Elders?

Rosslare Co Wexford, New Nursing home to be given to Asylum Seekers instead of its intended role as a home for our elderly, the people who paid tax all their lives, built this country, gave their lives for this country, who suffered hardships, and went without, just to make sure future generations didn’t have too, and now this Government cast them aside, like they did with our homeless, our sick and disabled, and our young who have to emigrate to find WORK (not sponge) to have some sort of life. Well our elders cant Emigrate. They’ve given everything and now its time for payback. Respect Our Elders, they deserve it.

The Far Right in picture above, Extremists.

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