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Easter proclamation 1916We Declare The Right Of The People Of Ireland To The Ownership Of Ireland

This inevitably leads to being guilted into taking in fakeugees or eventually our sons being sent to die in a foreign war.

Even as that tax take is falling. The Irish Government is still wasting billions on Ukrainians, asylum seekers & NGOs

They’re not here to take part, they’re here to take over. If we don’t stop this now our children will suffer.

Reports the offenders were not Irish and we can all see from the picture they are more imported Paedophile’s

The man on the left literally just landed into Treasure Ireland 2 weeks ago. Why are the Ukrainian Army flooding into Ireland all of a sudden ??


A Backwards looking idea of Sovereignty.

Kill Says No Full Stop. 9 Nov 10 Am Meet at the Dail.

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