Immigrants With Multiple Identities Allowed Stay in Country,


By Suzie D.

This week we were contacted by a civil servant who has revealed documents proving the Irish Government is allowing migrants with MULTIPLE IDENTITIES to stay in the country.

Do you know anybody living under more than one identity? If you did, would you think it strange? More than that, would you suspect this could be an indication someone is hiding a criminal history?

Our government is compromising our national security yet again, and encouraging illegal entry. We say encouraging because news of free accommodation, free money, lenient sentencing, and being allowed in without documents or background checks has led to an unprecedented influx, and no doubt news that you can live under multiple identities is also spreading quickly.

Aside from the obvious benefits of hiding who you truly are, theoretically living under multiple identities could allow a situation where a person is claiming each individual social welfare payment many times over.

It is not clear whether the government department has knowledge of each individual’s many identities. Therefore they may not know if they are in fact claiming several payments at once. Yet, as @SenatorKeogan revealed, given a Bangladeshi Muslim family (who were living in the UK) arrived ILLEGALLY and were awarded a three-bed apartment within a week, it is conceivable to think the government could knowingly be handing out undue payments. Criminal behaviour is being rewarded after all.

This theory is backed by a separate state employee who works with those who are released from prison. They claim many migrants have several PPS numbers (suggesting multiple identities), and that the prison service are turning a blind eye to it.

In addition to this criminal activity, wantonly perpetrated and facilitated by the establishment, a programme called The Irish Refugee Resettlement Programme (or SCAM for short) is taking yet more taxpayers money, by means of allowing any group (business, NGOs, charities) to “sponsor” a “refugee” family to move to Ireland.

This allows opportunities for scammers to rent their properties out indefinitely, to those who are entering legally or otherwise. The scheme is obviously not available to needy Irish families.

To add to all this, undocumented illegals are awarded citizenship if they have been here more than 2 years in direct provision. The social media video advertising this was proudly presented by Fianna Fail and county councillor Azad Talukder, who was at the centre of the “shoot them in the head” controversy the other day.

Taluker approves of certain criminal behaviour it seems, sending the message that coming with no documents is in fact PREFERABLE and BENEFICIAL, as it offers an even quicker path to Irish citizenship.

Sure why would anyone choose the legal route at all?

Last but not least, a third state employee, has revealed they are under instruction to report to their superiors if they turn down Ukrainians who apply for (potentially substantial) one off exceptional needs payments. They are allowed to turn down Irish people without interference.

When a country is corrupt, civil servants unwittingly do most of the dirty work on behalf of the establishment. They are key to success of the criminality, and Ireland is no different.

Conversely, this means civil servants hold the power to bring down the regime from within. With that, we thank (and feel encouraged by) the state employees who supplied us with information and we ask other civil servants reading this to come forward with information.

We will treat your disclosures with complete confidence.

You have the ability to expose the underbelly of the beast, but it won’t be for much longer. Please stand up, and do it today. The very future of your country depends upon it.

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