The Dail. Seat Of Democracy In Ireland, Has a Corden of Barriers Around It To Keep The Irish Out. ( AGAIN )

Ireland Says No 🇮🇪

Ireland says No To Illegal Unvetted Immigration Protest, Moved to far end of Molesworth Street, with Barriers Intermittently Placed along the street to stop Ordinary Irish People getting near the seat of democracy, with a heavy GARDA presence at The Dail. Confirming to those who already knew, Indigenous Irish are once again 2nd Class citizens in their own Land.

A Protest for Palestine, Gaza, Hamas, moves freely up Kildare street with a low Garda Presence, straight past the gates of the Dail with flags waving. So it seems its ok to protest on behalf of another land, but dont dare fly a tri colour and protest crimes, corruption, and millions of Euro leaving this country destination unknown, and least of all, how dare you protest and voice your fears for your safety, your childrens, and grandchidrens safety, because thousands upon thousands of Unvetted Illegal men are being dumped into your community.

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