A coup has happened led by a sinister German with imperialistic ambitions akin to that of his fathers best friend Adolf Hitler.


Its time for Patriotic Nationalist’s regardless of political affiliation to understand that the Globalists seek a new Marxist/Fascist mix of totalitarianism. Tools of their trade to destroy and weaken sovereign nations include mass uncontrolled immigration as witnessed in France, UK, Canada, and the USA along with other European countries. The EU’s attempts to take over British military command along with our security and intelligence services through PESCO are of serious concern. The attack on democracy and freedom of speech along with the infiltration of our western democracies is fully underway in particular in the US, Canada and the UK but also across the world with Australia and New Zealand included. The Uni-party system exists. Political parties such as the Conservatives and Labour Party in the UK are no longer representative of their traditional voters. The same is also true in Canada and other nations. A coup has happened led by a sinister German with imperialistic ambitions akin to that of his fathers best friend Adolf Hitler. Its understood his father Eugen Schwab, a close confidant of Hitler, was then head of Escher-Wyss, a strategic company of Nazi Germany and had his own camp where prisoners had to work for free. Make no mistake our governments have been captured and the apparatus of state control such as 15 min cities, #ULEZ and #CBDCs ‘s are all designed to enslave humanity. They serve no other purpose. The World Economic Forum is a cover for a global takeover but other supranational bodies with corporate globalism at its black icy heart are involved. Your welfare matters not one bit to them. Their criminal activities are now being exposed. Biden and his #BidenCrimeFamilyExposed in particular in #Ukraine are on full display with money laundering, child sex trafficking and organ harvesting along with illegal narcotic and weapon proliferation. #WEF member and British PM #Sunak and his financial investments into Moderna to the tune of $500 Million through a company that he helped to set up (Thelema Partners) in the Caymen Islands while pushing further expansion into the UK of Moderna interests while stating the vaccines were “safe and effective” in parliament show further potential criminal activity that warrants British Security Services and Police investigation. Serving a foreign power in secret to the detriment of the UK or harming its citizens is in contravention of the National Security Act and is a criminal offence but have our Security Services also been compromised? A global criminal syndicate has successfully conducted a coup and unless its exposed and pushed back this will become a Prison Planet for all of humanity. Local action can have a National impact but this will require every freedom loving person in every country to take a stand and to do something positive within their collective areas. This action must begin now before the apparatus of state control is fully implemented. We have a short window of opportunity to act. #GlobalResistance






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