Expert Hearing in the EU Parliament 13.09.2023 / 14:30 – 16:30 (CET)

Expert Hearing in the EU Parliament 13.09.2023 / 14:30 – 16:30 (CET) The WHO – with its pursuit of ever more power and increased funding – is the central driver of “pandemic emergencies” as well as the undemocratic shift of political decisions to unelected, supranational organizations that can no longer be held accountable by us citizens. With an expert hearing on September 13th in the EU Parliament, we want to get to the root of the problem and expose for the first time the constitutional mechanisms behind the WHO’s power grab. Our goals are: 1) To make people aware of the real dangers coming from the WHO and the EU. 2) To advance the public and political debate about this rapid power grab. 3) To provide concrete suggestions and examples of what we as civil society can and should do in each of our countries. The idea is to clearly expose and dissect the clandestine WHO power grab from a legal and scientific perspective for the common citizen. After all the expert presentations, this event will result in a list of questions and demands to the European Commission in order to drive the parliamentary debate. EXPERTS: Prof. Mattias Desmet (Belgium) Prof. Michael Geistlinger (Austria) Prof. Andreas Sönnichsen (Austria) Dr. Peter McCollough (USA) Dr. Beate Pfeil (Germany) Dr. David E. Martin (USA) Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg (Austria) Dr. Renate Holzeisen (Italy) Philipp Kruse, Attorney at law (Switzerland) Hosting MEPs: MEP Christine ANDERSON (Germany) MEP Mislav KOLAKUŠIĆ (Croatia) MEP Ivan SINČIĆ (Croatia) MEP Cristian TERHES (Romania) MEP Virginie JORON (France) We would like to invite all interested citizens to participate in this interesting and very important event. Via the following link you can dial into the conference next Wednesday from 14:00 (CET). Use the live stream and benefit on this day from our numerous simultaneous translations also into your national language:

Link Below.

I am looking forward to seeing you! Yours, Christine Anderson, MEP.

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