U.K Stopping Covid Primary Vaccinations.

Justice for Irish People, ill, Disabled or Killed by Covid Injections.

Justice for People made ill, disabled
or killed by the covid19 vaccines
Have you or any of our loved ones suffered any injuries or
disabilities or deaths from the covid19 vaccines ? if yes, then you
will be entitled to financial compensation in the courts and to
bring criminal prosecutions against the guilty parties and have
them jailed. Irish law and European law forbids the poisoning of
people or injuring of people or involuntary manslaughter of
In Britain, the British government set up a new compensation
scheme in 2021 to give £120,000 to each person made ill or
disabled or killed by the covid19 vaccines. In Ireland we are
lobbying the Irish government for a similar compensation
scheme for the 21,000 Irish people made ill or disabled or killed
by the covid19 vaccine. The Excess Mortality rate in Ireland after
mass covid19 vaccinations has been the highest in over 80 years
according to the CSO and Eurostat which are official government
For more info, see https://data-analytica.org/database.htm
For more on financial compensation, justice in the courts and
criminal prosecutions of the guilty parties, contact Bridget at
085 8134113
Or email her at vaccinesireland@gmail.com

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